17 Spring 2022 Fashion Trends to Try—and Buy—Right Now

17 Spring 2022 Fashion Trends to Try—and Buy—Right Now

17 Spring 2022 Fashion Trends to Try—and Buy—Right Now

Posted on June 6, 2022.

Now that the coldest days of winter are behind us, it’s time to focus on spring 2022 fashion trends, which usually usher a breath of fresh air into my closet. While my transitional uniform is fairly basic—a trench coat, colorful Breton stripes, my beat-up Converse sneakers— I know I can count on a new viral trend to dominate the internet, and in turn, influence me. Yes, even the most committed capsule wardrobe evangelist can buy those pop-punk platform boots she saw on Olivia Rodrigo.

Whether it be on the runway or in paparazzi shots of our favorite celebs, replicating spring 2022 fashion trends can be daunting if you don’t have the right formula to follow. Long gone are the days of expert trend forecasters looking at the catwalk and determining what’s going to be “in”—instead, cool stars, influencers, and everyday people exert just as much influence as a major designer when it comes to setting a stylistic tone for the season. 

As life slowly begins to creep back into the “somewhat normal” category, take comfort in the fact that some things never changed at all: florals, still, are not groundbreaking for spring, but these 17 fashion trends are.

Platform (Anything)

Add an extra height-boost for the days where you need to feel extra powerful. Whether it be via thick clogs, sneakers, or boots, seemingly every retailer and designer has made their own fashionable version of stilts. The best part about spring is the versatility, and unlike other footwear options that can only be paired with a certain type of look, platforms practically go with everything. 

Patterned Sets

If you live a life on the go like me, sets can truly be your saving grace. They’re simple, quick, and easy to throw on for nearly every occasion. Trade in your sriracha-stained sweat set you’ve been wearing for far too long to morning Zoom meetings for an elevated look with a matching two-piece pant or skirt set. For extra comfort: cute PJs also count! 


Feather details have been making a comeback for ages—adding a non-traditional flair to any clothing item. You don’t have to go full-on bird mode à la Carrie Bradshaw, but a feathered detail or trim elevates any outfit into anything but boring. 

Grass Green

While liking the color green may not be a legitimate personality trait, it is a favorite shared among spring 2022 fashion lovers. Grass green has been having a moment during the last 18 months or so—thanks, Bottega Veneta—popping up on high-fashion runways and e-commerce retailers alike. This shade can breathe life back into your spring outfits—no matter if you choose a crisp blazer, a bucket hat, or slingback sandals. 

Skirt Suits

Seen on the runway and on our favorite celebrities, skirt suits are having a moment. Even better than shopping for a new one: drag up mom’s old corporate America uniform from the ’80s and take it to the tailor to give it a 2022 twist. If you’re buying, playing with textures and patterns can modernize the silhouette. 

Baby Tees

This ’90s and early ’00s trend has been a fan-favorite among younger singers and actresses, who often pair their with low-sling jeans or trousers. While you can wear a baby tee in the winter if you try hard enough, the arrival of spring makes this trend much more weather-friendly when paired with shorts, skirts, and denim. 

Too-Large Bags

Say goodbye to the micro-purse! For your spring outfits mood board consideration: an oversized bag that will fit more than a spare mask and AirPods. The spring accessory trend almost feels like a counter-culture movement to the itty bitty bags dominating red carpets throughout 2019 and 2020. Major designer houses are taking note, with Isabel Marant and Chopova Lowena both adopting the trend. If giant leather hobo bags aren’t your speed, you can always join the tote bag warrior army with a large canvas bag. 


Long skirts are the perfect transitional garment for the spring—keeping your legs warm without sacrificing comfort in tight trousers. While it’s a staple item to have in your closet, the arrival of spring allows for more freedom to have fun with maxi skirts: make it asymmetrical, metallic, or pleated (or all of the above!).

Trench Coats

There’s nothing more quintessentially spring than a classic trench coat. You can count on this closet staple to come back with full-force every year when the temperatures begin to rise. Take some style inspo for your spring outfits from Hailey Bieber, quite literally the queen of the trench. Pleather or not, they’re perfect to throw over some sweats to make any cozy outfit more chic.

Editorial Print

While checkerboard may have been all over your TikTok #FYP last year, this year's printed craze is newspaper—perhaps a nostalgic nod to Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sex And The City 2 premiere dress now that our minds are captivated by And Just Like That... It’s all pretty meta if you ask me, but thanks to Cardi B, magazine-printed dresses, tops, and jeans are everywhere. Express to the world that you're a literate cutie by pairing a printed mesh top with a pair of bermuda shorts this spring.

Oversized Sunglasses

At the top of my “out” list is teenie sunglasses. As someone with a round face and chubby baby cheeks, I’m rejoicing in the fact that oversized frames are set to be everywhere in the coming weeks. Just like other spring fashion trends, the oversized sunglasses look comes from a nostalgic ’70s cool-girl aesthetic seen across runways. From clunky aviators to retro sport shades, here’s to frames that take over half of my face and let me go incognito mode that much easier. 

Neon Pink

Almost everyone remembers what they were doing when Rihanna dropped her pregnancy announcement, but fashion girlies remember where they were when they saw the mother-to-be’s iconic pink Chanel coat. The bright color signaled a new life—both literally and metaphorically—with the shade going on to become one of our favorite colors for the upcoming spring season. Whether it’s on those viral Versace platforms or on our latest cover-star Simone Ashley at the BAFTA red carpet, expect to see fluorescent pink on everything and everyone.

Micro Tops

It’s a big day for the “swimsuits as tops” community: Triangle tops are in. For the girlies living in year-round hot weather, micro tops have always been a classic. This midriff-bearing Y2K look can be either replicated through a bikini or bra top for almost-nude moment. Plus, this trend is Slip-N-Slide approved. 


Gracing both high fashion runways and private school uniforms, loafers appear to always be in style. While boots may be a bit too warm to combine with your spring outfits, loafers are the perfect transitional shoe. As a young professional, I’m obsessed with shoes I can wear both to the office and to the club, and judging by the three pairs of loafers I have sitting in my closet, this shoe silhouette does the trick.

Bermuda Shorts

Meet daisy dukes’ cooler older sister. While jorts were a fan favorite of Adam Sandler in the mid 2000s, the long cutoff is coming back in style for a sophisticated look. Before seeing them on Bella Hadid, I always associated the silhouette with hoards of international tourists at Disney World, but somehow, the supermodel made them look chic and I bought myself a pair—going so far as to wear them to a late date night with a button down short. If it’s good enough for BabyBella777, it’s good enough for me. 


Baby onesies, but make it couture. Honestly, what’s easier than jumping into a one-piece garment in the morning and not having to think about your outfit. While dresses and rompers seem like obvious go-to’s, the luxurious rise of the body-hugging catsuit is the sexy version of your favorite boiler suit. Take a note out of Kim Kardashian’s book and grab your favorite skin-tight catsuit for a night on the town. 

Bucket Bags

Bucket bags and their wide cylindrical shape could fit more than your regular go-to purse, making them a perennial spring favorite.

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